• Asia-Pacific Leadership Network

    The Asia-Pacific Leadership Network for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (APLN) is an advocacy group that aims to inform and energize public opinion in order to achieve a world in which nuclear weapons are contained, diminished, and eventually eliminated.

  • Geopolitics, Geo-economics, and North Korea’s Denuclearization

    APLN co-organized with the Korean National Diplomatic Academy an international conference on “Geopolitics, Geo-economics, and North Korea’s Denuclearization” on December 5th, which featured specialists from various countries. 

  • “Risk Realism” Seminar with Dr. Van Jackson

    A special seminar took place on November, 21st when APLN invited Professor Van Jackson to discuss reshaping Washington D.C.’s approach to Pyongyang. This seminar was attended by various government officials, diplomats, journalists, and opinion leaders. 

  • APLN Outreach Seminar with Dr. Siegfried Hecker

    On September 19th. the first APLN Outreach Seminar was held featuring Prof. Sigfried Hecker as speaker on North Korean nuclear capabilities and strategy. A luncheon meeting was also arranged between Dr. Hecker and six members of the National Assembly.


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