The DPRK Nuclear Quagmire and the Biden Administration
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The DPRK Nuclear Quagmire and the Biden Administration

This panel focuses on outlining the newly elected Biden administration’s possible DPRK policy and the future of US-DRPK relations since the Hanoi setback in February 2019. With little progress in resolving the North Korean nuclear quagmire, the advent of the Biden administration offered hope of a negotiated settlement through creative diplomacy. Fundamental questions on the Biden administration’s ability to make progress will be addressed. The speakers provided insight on these issues by highlighting group-thinking among decision-makers, assessment of DPRK’s nuclear capabilities and threats, and factors and underlying objectives of the Biden administration’s overall foreign policy.


  • Angela Kane, Senior Fellow at the Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-proliferation and Former UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs (Moderator)
  • Frank Aum, Senior Expert on North Korea at the U.S. Institute of Peace
  • Dingli Shen, Professor and the Former Associate Dean at Fudan University’s Institute of International Studies
  • Bong-geun Jun, Professor at the Department of National Security and Unification Studies at the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security


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