What if it Happened? — Simulating Nuclear War
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What if it Happened? — Simulating Nuclear War


NHK’s program “Today’s Close-up” featured an APLN-RECNA-Nautilus joint report titled “Humanitarian Impacts of Nuclear Weapons Use in Northeast Asia: Implications for Reducing Nuclear Risk.” The program is broadcasted via NHK World on Sept. 21, and will be available until September 29, 2023. Watch the video here.

What would happen if nuclear weapons were actually used today? Earlier this year, a group of international experts released a report featuring thirty different simulations of nuclear attack in Northeast Asia. In these scenarios, the scale of destruction far outstripped traditional estimates. We speak to experts on what needs to be done to avoid such calamity.

Suzuki Tatsujiro (Professor, Nagasaki University)
Hikawa Kazuko (Professor, Graduate School of Osaka Jogakuin University)

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