A Defense Agreement Likely to Deepen Chinese Rancor
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A Defense Agreement Likely to Deepen Chinese Rancor


APLN member Shen Dingli spoke with the New York Times about the Camp David summit, arguing that China is strong enough not to worry about increased trilateral cooperation between Japan, South Korea and the United States. The full article can be found on the New York Times website here.

Shen Dingli, a Shanghai-based scholar who focuses on U.S.-China ties, said the new alliance should not overly threaten China, especially if it was more defensive in nature.

“We believe that Japan and South Korea understand the big picture and won’t jointly challenge China because they are not able to,” Mr. Shen said. “There is no need for China to worry because they are smart. They know they cannot defeat China.”

Image: President Biden hosted President Yoon Suk Yeol of South Korea, left, and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan at Camp David on Friday.Credit: Samuel Corum for The New York Times

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