Nuclear Governance in the Asia-Pacific
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Nuclear Governance in the Asia-Pacific


APLN member Rabia Akhtar reviewed the volume on “Nuclear governance in the Asia-Pacific” by Mely Caballero-Anthony, Julius Cesar I. Trajano, published by Routledge in 2023. Read the full article here.

Effective global nuclear governance is crucial in shaping public confidence in nuclear power. Understanding this complex concept is particularly important for key strategic regions like the Asia–Pacific, where great powers converge and which influence broader security landscapes. Recognizing the importance of scholarly exploration in the realm of nuclear governance across the Asia–Pacific, Mely Caballero-Anthony and Julius Trajano have diligently curated a collection of diverse perspectives. Nuclear governance in the Asia-Pacific features contributions from renowned experts in the field, offering a ‘snapshot of nuclear governance in the region’ (p. 1).

This book has eight chapters, covering critical topics such as regional nuclear governance, the role of the United States and nuclear education. Trevor Findlay’s chapter gives an overview of how Asia–Pacific countries engage with global nuclear governance frameworks, and it also provides recommendations to strengthen regional nuclear governance. While recognizing the challenges of a single body representing the vast Asia–Pacific region for nuclear safety, security and safeguards, Findlay highlights the potential of empowering the ASEAN Network of Regulatory Bodies on Atomic Energy (ASEANTOM). He writes that ASEANTOM could ‘be mandated to help all its members bring their national implementation measures to the same high level, including legislation, regulation, and administrative systems’ (p. 30). Indeed, organizations of this nature can actively advocate for the continuous exchange of best practices regarding crucial elements of nuclear energy governance.

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