The Trap of the Biden Administration and Progressive Idealism
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The Trap of the Biden Administration and Progressive Idealism


APLN Vice-Chair Prof. Chung-in Moon makes a remark on how the relationship around the Korean Peninsula would change with the new president of the United States. He suggests the incoming administration offers no guarantees that the US will promote international peace. Read more.

“Joe Biden received 306 votes in the electoral college on Dec. 14, officially concluding the exhausting race for US president. That has fueled hopes that the US will say goodbye to the nightmare of the Trump era and welcome a new era. After all, Biden has made it abundantly clear that he means to liquidate Trump’s transactional and unilateral approach and his “America first” vision to pursue a multilateral foreign policy, international cooperation, and alliance relationships grounded in mutual respect and liberal internationalism. That’s undeniably music to South Koreans’ ears.

But there are still things to be concerned about. In a column in the Dec. 15 edition of the Washington Post, Robert Wright, an author best known for “The Evolution of God,” raised four such concerns while observing that the Biden administration is likely to repeat the mistakes of the Obama administration. Wright’s analysis is incisive and on target.”


Image: Wikimedia Commons.