"To Reboot Arms Control, Start with Small Steps"
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"To Reboot Arms Control, Start with Small Steps"


“To Reboot Arms Control, Start with Small Steps” was written for Defense One by Tong Zhao, Andrey Baklitskiy, and Alexandra Bell. This article discusses the impending expiration of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or NEW START, while nuclear stockpiles seem to increase. The authors outline guiding principles that can be used to maintain the global arms control architecture. They emphasize the importance of substance in arms control dialogue, the need to address capability asymmetry among major powers, and commitment to dialogue. These steps will require greater cooperation between leaders in Washington, D.C., Moscow, and Beijing to examine and debate concrete arms control ideas. Learn more.

“After generations of careful and painstaking work to build a global arms control architecture, it is now collapsing. The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or New START, is the last legally binding treaty constraining the world’s two largest nuclear arsenals and unless extended, it will expire in less than six months. At the same time, nuclear stockpiles are on the rise, which can lead to a new nuclear arms race, putting every nation on this planet in danger. The situation is dire, but not inevitable or irreversible. Starting with an extension of New START and moving to constructive and fair dialogues on reducing nuclear risks, we can change our collective fate.”


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