[Webinar 2] CTR+ and Energy Security in the DPRK
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[Webinar 2] CTR+ and Energy Security in the DPRK

On September 24th, APLN hosted the second of three online webinars to review the potential for an effective North Korean Cooperative Threat Reduction plus (CTR+) initiative in the context of a renewed approach to the DPRK.

CTR+ and Energy Security in the DPRK” commenced with opening remarks by Dr. Peter Hayes, Research Director of APLN and Director of the Nautilus Institute. Moderated by Shata Shetty, Executive Director of APLN, this webinar featured an expert presentation by Dr. David von Hippel, Senior Associate of the Nautilus Institute, on “Linking CTR to Energy Sustainability and Prosperity in the DPRK.” The webinar assessed how energy security impacts life in the DPRK, the linkages with nuclear energy, the relevance to economic development, and the potential for converting military into civilian work in the energy sector.

The webinar is available for viewing in English and Korean on the APLN Youtube channel or below.

Webinar 2: CTR+ and Energy Security in the DPRK (English)

웨비나 2: 북한의 CTR+와 에너지 안보 (한국어 통역)