The Ban Treaty and Non-NPT Nuclear-Armed States - Can India Make a Difference?
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The Ban Treaty and Non-NPT Nuclear-Armed States - Can India Make a Difference?

APLN Policy Brief 47

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All five of the NPT-recognized nuclear weapon states (NWS) have expressly voiced their objections to the recently concluded Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty. They have rejected a world without nuclear deterrence in current and foreseeable strategic circumstances. Interestingly, the response of the non-NPT NWS has been no different. So, all the nine nuclear weapon possessors seem to have pretty much huddled together in their opposition to the treaty even if there are divergences in perspectives and differences of emphasis on points of opposition. This article briefly identifies the salient points of the individual positions on the ban treaty, as taken by the four nuclear-armed states outside of the NPT – India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. It also explores which one of these might have the will and the clout to make a difference to the disarmament narrative and situation. India stands out as an obvious candidate given that its position on disarmament is the most evolved and consistent. The paper concludes by examining whether India can, and if so how and why it should, step up to help take forward the objective of elimination of nuclear weapons.

About the Author

Manpreet Sethi is Senior Fellow at the Centre for Air Power Studies in New Delhi, where she leads the project on Nuclear Security. She has published over 90 journal articles. Her books include Nuclear Deterrence and Diplomacy (2004), Nuclear Strategy: India’s March towards Credible Deterrence (2009), Global Nuclear Challenges (2009), and India’s Sentinel (2014). She is a member of the Asia–Pacific Leadership Network (APLN). She is also the recipient of the K. Subrahmanyam award, an honour conferred for excellence in strategic and security studies.


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