Face-Off: The U.S. vs China - Doomsday
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Face-Off: The U.S. vs China - Doomsday


APLN member Tong Zhao is featured in the third episode of the podcast Face-Off, where he discusses whether China and the U.S. will come to the table and agree to nuclear arms control accords, as well as the question of whether Artificial Intelligence should control nuclear weapons.

Listen to the podcast here.

Image: Michael S. Chase, deputy assistant secretary of defense for China, Taiwan and Mongolia, hosts delegates from China for the U.S.-People’s Republic of China Defense Policy Coordination Talks at the Pentagon, Jan. 9, 2024. Photo By: Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Alexander Kubitza. https://media.defense.gov/2024/Jan/10/2003373961/-1/-1/0/240109-D-PM193-1026Y.JPG  

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