India, Bangladesh, Pakistan: What East Can Teach West
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India, Bangladesh, Pakistan: What East Can Teach West


APLN member C Raja Mohan writes: Good news from India’s eastern frontier with Bangladesh raises a hope: If we can do it in the east, where the sources and consequences of Partition were far more complex, it should not be impossible to normalise the western frontier with Pakistan.

The news from India’s western frontier with Pakistan is rarely positive. There is little expectation of change as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Independence and mark the partition of the Subcontinent. The persistence of cross-border terrorism, the conflict over Kashmir, the militarisation of the frontier, little connectivity, poor trade relations and no formal inter-governmental negotiations paint a bleak picture of the India-Pak border.

Read the full article on The Indian Express here. (paywall)

Image: In contrast to the talk of a 100-year war between India and Pakistan, Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina and Narendra Modi have proclaimed a “sonali adhyay” or “golden chapter” in bilateral relations. (AP Photo/File)

Bangladesh Lessons For Pakistan

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