India’s Approach to Nuclear Security
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India’s Approach to Nuclear Security


APLN member Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan contributed a chapter on ‘India’s Approach to Nuclear Security‘ to the Oxford Handbook of Nuclear Security edited by Christopher Hobbs and Sarah Tsinieris.

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The chapter provides an analytical overview of India’s approach to nuclear security. It details the legal and institutional steps India has taken to strengthen its nuclear security credentials, while capturing some of the internal political debates that provide an Indian perspective on nuclear security. The chapter also focuses on the logic for India’s nuclear security policy by examining the country’s growing atomic energy sector as well as the changing threat environment. While this chapter does not provide a fully comprehensive narrative of India’s nuclear security approach, it does discuss some of the challenging aspects, such as nuclear and radiological material control and accounting systems, security culture, the insider threat, and nuclear regulation. The chapter’s concluding section identifies areas that India needs to strengthen further in order to improve nuclear security measures as well as external perceptions of India’s nuclear security policy.

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