An Asia-Pacific Nuclear Energy Community
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An Asia-Pacific Nuclear Energy Community

APLN Policy Brief 4

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The Fukushima accident has highlighted the need for stronger international governance and closer international cooperation on nuclear safety and security. There is also a continuing need to avoid proliferation risk from the growth in nuclear energy programs, particularly the spread of proliferation-sensitive technologies. Agreement on global solutions will take some time, but practical steps meanwhile can be taken at a regional level. An intergovernmental Asia-Pacific nuclear energy community could facilitate high-level consultation on nuclear plans and programs; regional cooperation and promotion of best practice in safeguards, security and safety; and collaborative arrangements for energy security and fuel cycle management. It is timely for governments to start considering the value-added of such a community, both internally and at regional ministerial and leaders’ meetings.

About the Author

John Carlson was formerly Director General of the Australian Safeguards and NonProliferation Office, and founding Chair of the Asia-Pacific Safeguards Network. He is an adviser to APLN, and his other current appointments include Counselor to the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI); Nonresident Fellow of the Lowy Institute; member of the Advisory Council of the International Luxembourg Forum; and Associate, Project on Managing the Atom, Belfer Center, Harvard University.


Image: Pixabay stock, jplenio.

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